Redistributing MiKTeX

Copying conditions for MiKTeX

To the best of my knowledge, all software in this distribution is freely redistributable (libre, that is, not necessarily gratis), within the Free Software Foundation's definition and Debian Free Software Guidelines. If you find any non-free files included, please contact me.

That said, MiKTeX has neither a single copyright holder nor a single license covering its entire contents, since it is a collection of many disparate packages. Therefore, you may copy, modify, and/or redistribute software from MiKTeX only if you comply with the requirements placed thereon by the owners of the respective packages.

To most easily learn these requirements, I suggest checking the TeX Catalogue. Of course the legal statements within the packages themselves are the final authority.

Guidelines for redistribution

In general, you may redistribute MiKTeX, with or without modification, for profit or not, according to the usual free software tenets. Here are some general guidelines for doing this:

Finally, although it is certainly not a requirement, I'd like to invite any redistributors to make a donation to the project, whether cash or in-kind, for example via Thanks.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact me. In general, I appreciate being given the chance to review any MiKTeX-related material in advance of publication, simply to avoid mistakes. It is much better to correct text on a DVD label or in a book before thousands of copies are made!

I am also happy to keep anyone planning a publication informed as to my deadlines and progress. Just let me know. However, you should be aware that MiKTeX is produced entirely by volunteers, and no dates can be guaranteed.